The Pinnacles
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Western Australian sandgroper

Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours
59 Seville Street Cervantes Western Australia 6511
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The Environmental Edutainment Specialists

Western Australian sandgroper
Sad News

As from the 1st November 2012, Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours (TCET) will no longer be able to conduct tours to the Pinnacles or any other PUBLIC LANDS vested with WA's Dept of Environment and Conservation (DEC).

This has resulted from a policy (very likely strongly recommended and supported by DEC) adopted by our State Government requiring all tour operators wanting to access these public lands to hold some form of "approved" accreditation as a condition of the provision of DEC's "Commercial Operations Licence".

The approved accreditation schemes only address "management proceedures", not guiding practices, largely follow the "free" reccomendations of WA's Small Business Development Corporation or, in several cases, duplicate the requirements of DEC or the Dept of Transport and will only increase the operating costs of the tour provider.

The annual accreditation fees go to "not for profit" organisations.

We at TCET see this as nothing more than a "scam" to provide employment for a small number of people and will do nothing to improve the "quality of service" to customers.

Whilst it has been impossible to contact all of the tour operators accessing our public lands, of the forty (40) tour operators contacted, over 80% were against this "compulsory accreditation".

As a matter of princilpe, TCET will not "buy" accreditation and will cease to conduct tours onto the "Public Lands" vested with DEC as from 1/11/2012.


Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours is owned and operated, from Cervantes, by Mike Newton.

Mike worked as a National Park Ranger in various locations in Western Australia for almost 20 years before starting Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours in July 1999.

His aim is to provide in-depth, accurately informative but relaxed tours of the Turquoise Coast area with minimal environmental impact.

His interest in the unusual geology making up a large part of this area began when he joined the Western Australian Speleological Group in the 1970’s and spent many years exploring and studying caves throughout Western Australia. It was his love of caving and his desire to become more involved in the protection of caves, and the environment in general, that prompted him to seek employment as a National Park Ranger.

Over the years, Mike has also developed a great love of photography and will give you all the assistance he can to get that “better shot”. He can also help when the memory card of your digital camera goes into overload or your camera battery goes flat.

Mike offers a range of tour opportunities, please check them out.


The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles


The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles



Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours has always operated on the principle of:-





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